Shiva Is Immortal

Dedicated to Shiva VARZGAR

On his Second Anniversary of his Eternal Journey


Dr. Minoo Varzegar


In Memoriam of Shiva

Shiva VARZGAR, an architect and a renowned artist went into eternity on January 16, 2011.Today is the second anniversary of his physical journey to the other world, but he will always remain alive since artists never die.

Shiva was a phenomenon in the sky of art. He illuminated the world of art with his magnum opuses. His masterpieces are glorious and glamorous and they combine his proud Persian heritage with his European culture.

Shiva was enamored by nature and all the facets of creation. He recreated nature with its beauties and complexities. His style is naturalistic, realistic and optimistic. He manifests all the positive aspects of nature and life. He loved life with all its brutalities and niceties.

Shiva was enamored by nature

His philosophy of art was to portray the magnificence of cosmos in a symbolic fashion. He predominantly had three symbols of tree, bird and water accompanied with three other geometrical symbols taken from his architectural expertise: triangle, square and parallel lines.

Tree is the symbol of impernance of nature, meaning that trees also die. Water is the symbol of life since no animate being can survivie wihtout water. Bird is the symbol of freedom and governing the universe. On the other hand, triangle is the symbol of social conformity. Square is the symbol of universe and parallel lines are the symbol of friendhsip since parallel lines never merge or conflict with each other. Shiva combines art with architecture and architecture with art.

Shiva’s art is versatile and multidimensional. He mainly uses water color in his paintings. He paints on paper, tile, china, wood, boxes, medallions, watches, cars (only Mercedes Bens, Maserati and Ferrari), facades of buildings, columns, walls, ceilings, fireplaces and carpets. His calligraphies which are combined with mesmerizing paintings are unique and phenomenal. Shiva has also produced many china dishes with exquisite original paintings on each piece.

Shiva believes that a painter must interact and communicate with his audience. Shiva provides the audience with the ability to interpret his paintings without having to go through a torturous process of unraveling the paintings and never understanding what the painter’s message is.

Shiva has brought pride for his Persian heritage in particular and the world of art in general. Unfortunately, Shiva has left this mundane world and migrated to his eternal place due to a massive heart attack, but he will remain in our hearts forever. His untimely demise has physically taken Shiva from his art lovers; however, Shiva is eternal and his magnificent artworks will keep him alive everlastingly. May God less Architect Shiva Varzgar and rest his delicate soul in peace on the second anniversary of his loss.